by Adita Keyza

Insecurities comes from the words insecure.What is the actual meaning of insecure?Insecure is basically the opposite, the antonym of confident.In conclusion, insecure is the feeling of not being confident.Countless people in all ages experience the feeling of insecure..adults even teenagers felt insecure.They spend their nights crying their heart out because they feel like they’re just never enough. “She’s prettier” “She’s so smart” “He’s tall and handsome” all that voices just keep running around their mind.Have YOU every felt insecure?

Hi,I’m Adita Keyza Budi Cantika, a fourteen year old junior highschool student who of course had experience her lowest state.Which, makes me write this article about insecurities.I’m not here to stop you from feeling insecure but i’m here to share you my story and to comfort you.